Understand how people select and use their devices to watch video, the media trials team partnered with Vevo to conduct research.

The media trial uncovers the when, why, and how consumers watch video by tracking the average video experience from inception (e.g. needs state, mood) to consumption (e.g. content genre, session length) on OTT, Linear TV, PC, and mobile devices.

We wanted to understand the nuances of a video session to help advertisers plan across devices.

Motivation behind the device

There is a lot of variety in why people chose a specific video device. For instance, multi-tasking is the strongest driver in motivations to choose OTT. Multi-taskers choose OTT for content variety as they browse, while focused viewers choose it with a specific video in mind. Discover the other ones.

Video from inception to consumption

People have relaxation in mind when watching on bigger screens, and utility when on PC. Surprisingly, there’s more passive search discovery happening on OTT than digital devices. Finally, linear TV users are more likely to multi-task on a different device, providing an opportunity for cross- screen exposure.


The same should go for the advertisers approach

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