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Dynamic is not a slogan, it’s an attitude

Who we are

First, let’s talk about what we’re not.

We’re not a network that is limited by our size, outdated procedures or our structure. We’re not too proud or stratified to recognize the power of collaboration’ in fact, we encourage it. We’re not satisfied with maintaining the status quo because we are already planning for tomorrow’s challenges and innovations.

We are IPG Mediabrands, a new world agency group designed with dynamic marketing at its core.

In Belgium, we are more than 170 strategists, media lovers, marketing communication and technology specialists at your service. Every year, new pole of expertizes complete the scope in order to deliver on our commitments: building new relevant solutions.

What we believe

To create better robots you need to better understand humans. The knowledge of the consumers is crucial but not sufficient anymore. Right now the technology helps us to go further like understanding the media and the moments that matter most, in regards to your objectives at the moments of the consumer’s life based on Data.

Therefore, moments are the new customer profile.

It makes us agile, freeing us from the burdens of old ways of thinking and enabling us to leap into opportunity.
It breaks down barriers, building a single integrated business where communication and collaboration come as standard.
It thrives on questions, leaving behind a set and forget’s mentality, embracing adaptation and innovation.
It helps our clients grow, bringing a better experience and bigger results every time.

Marketing is not only about date. It’s also about great stories.

We know our best work comes from our diversity, born from a passion for creativity, strength in our craft, and above all, from having fun.

Clio Bellon, HR Director

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