For years, the institute measures the total audience of radio stations in Belgium, the “CIM RAM” study (Radio Audience Measurement). In addition to this study, there is a new survey that focuses entirely on online radio: the new CIM Radio Stream Monitor tracks the consumption of the broadcasts’ online radio, on any streaming platforms , as well as both in Belgium and in the rest of the world. To be clear, these are traffic volumes, not users and their profiles.

From a technical perspective, NeuroMedia, the Belgian streaming measurement specialist, analyzes on a daily basis the server logfiles of the different online radio stations:

Based on their methodology The CIM RAM study and the CIM Radio Stream cannot be compared under any circumstances.


Online radios show a spectacular corona effect

The CIM Radio Stream Monitor has been in development for nearly two years. During the containment period, we found that online radio traffic increased significantly. Indeed, in March and April of this year, we saw an increase of 33% and 46% respectively, compared to the previous months.

Radio Stream Monitor is an instrument that allows you to monitor radio over-IP in detail and almost in real time.


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