Every day, many predictions are made about the future of retail. They often involve technological trends, ranging from the increased use of data, to the growing need for customisation, to the transformation of stores. These changes to physical spaces can involve significant investment. However, is being at the forefront of technology the thing that’s really essential?




To understand the real challenges facing retail operators, IPG Mediabrands Belgium surveyed 4,400 people in Belgium aged 18 and over.

We surveyed them about their buying habits related to 11 product categories (groceries, fashion, electronics, beauty, etc.). This study is helping us to understand how digitalisation of behaviours impacts sales and the retail sector. In particular, it is making it possible to identify the different types of buying journey for each product category.

Based on this behavioural analysis, we segmented Belgian consumers according to 4 distinct profiles: WEBROOMERS / STORE SHOPPERS / SHOWROOMERS / ONLINE SHOPPERS.

This study provides a wealth of useful information for marketers from all sectors, because, whether directly or indirectly, distribution and e-commerce affect them all. Commercial efficiency is deeply linked to understanding both the inner workings of the retail sector and the way that we consume today.


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