Media Investment

Predictive modeling has no secrets for us.

Mediabrands is on top of decision science thanks to its unique Research Business Unit, its unique proprietary tools and the use of the latest techniques such as eye-tracking.

Continuous measurement of campaign results prove the campaign performances.

And on top of that, advanced modeling show – in real-time – how campaign performances can be optimized and how clients’ ROI will increase.

Predictive modeling has no secrets for us whether it comes to brand health, campaign KPI’s, budget, media mixes, conversion attributions, or sales impact. All can be modeled, visualized and optimized.


A medialandscape fully adapted to your needs & challenges and also to the particularities of your industry.


Spot Alert

Spot Alert is a leading technology that automatically monitors the competitors you are interested in tracking. Your daily Business Intelligence automatically alerts you to key competitors and brands activities straight on to your email.


Attribution Modelling

An attribution model determines how credit or value for sales and conversions is assigned across various consumer touchpoints.
In contrast, the Last-Click Attribution model ignore over 90% of touchpoints. Definitly too restrictive. Based on our own experience and analyses we see that more than 80% of conversions are the results of multi-touchpoints approach.


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