80% of conversions are multi-touchpoints

A cost-efficient data-driven solution

If we agree that the last-click attribution is too simple, it is essential to get a clear view about the touchpoints which impact positively the number of conversions.
On average, marketers use more than 15 tactics (offline, social media, display, etc).
This makes predictive modelling hard.

The Multi-Touch model, based on statistical calculations, assign credit or value to the touchpoints and can determine which are the most efficient in terms of conversions and determine the budget split for the same amount spend.

Predict future scenario’s

Thanks to the Multi-Touch model we are able to calculate different scenario’s and outcome. An effective way to evaluate campaign strategy.

Smart data make it even smarter. The more example pathways it can use for predictions, the more accurate the model is.

Keep only the best

By implementing an attribution model you’ll get a better understanding about:
– what’s influencing customers to buy
– how do they shop?
– where are they coming from?
– what are the most effective channels and tactics to generate leads and conversions.

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