Business Critical

Companies have access to more data than ever before. But data by itself doesn’t generate insights.

At Mediabrands we help our clients to become data/insight driven, in an actionable way, in order for them to get measurable benefit and gain in efficiency. Therefore, we follow the latest trends, we invest in people, surveys and innovative tools. We embrace progress, but always at the clients’ pace.

Our solutions cover many business critical domains, such as

Audience understanding, through qualitative and quantitative research & real-time behavioral data
Client ROI Measuring thanks to dynamic campaigns & Dashboarding
Closely follow-up of the competition’s activities and identification of new markets


Technology has outpaced the traditional marketing funnel (awareness, familiarity, opinion, purchase, loyalty). The ongoing evolution means we have to rethink the way brands create strong engagement and stable relationships with their audiences, based on dynamic connections and on a large range of touchpoints.



For each airing, minute by minute website traffic right before (base) and after (uplift) is measured. The difference is attributed to the airing.

Wave 10

Social understanding at the heart of moments planning.
For the ninth time, discover the annual results of the survey on the habits of users of social media in Belgium.

Search Audit

Search engines make changes to their core ranking algorithms several times a week. By not staying up to date in regards to these evolutions, your search ranking can be impacted in the wrong way.

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