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Search engines change their core ranking algorithms several times a week. By not staying up to date in regards to these evolutions, you might not be findable in the digitalized world.

A lot of research shows that a huge majority of Internet users, and even more on mobile, never scroll past the first page of search results. Therefore it is key to improve all relevant matters that influence the (mobile) findability and search experience. This will inevitably increase the organic website traffic.

How do you keep your website on track?

We recommend to start with a SEO audit and screen all relevant matters that influence the (mobile) findability & search experience of your brand on major search engines.
Read more about Google Chrome update & HTTPS impact.

Our SEO experts assess the overall compliance of your website with SEO best practices. This report provides a roadmap with action points to influence the SEO performance and to increase the organic search traffic. All action points have an indication of its SEO impact, priority level and workload.

Based on the recommendations, our Mediabrands Search team creates a Strategic Plan that comprehends SEO content optimization, keywords tactics, technical & structural interventions.

Content for SEO.
It is important to keep in mind that search engine traffic is an important driver of organic traffic. It is also crucial for a website to have content that brings value to consumers.
In other words, make sure to have content that your consumers are looking for. Make sure it ranks well and that it is findable. Because that’s how you create a great search experience with added value.

Let us help you find the right balance and enhance your website traffic and its visitors’ experience.

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