Our data-scientists team translate your data into actionable insights.

Mediabrand’s Ad Tech unit is responsible for developing best-in-class automated buying and programmatic technology solutions to deliver the highest-performing solutions on all media.

By embracing progress, we impact positively our clients’ competiveness thanks to marketing cross-media solutions.

Their preferred keywords are: Customized Dashboards, Data and Technology Sharing, Omnichannel Strategy, Integration, Real-time Decisions.


Technology has outpaced the traditional marketing funnel (awareness, familiarity, opinion, purchase, loyalty). The ongoing evolution means we have to rethink the way brands create strong engagement and stable relationships with their audiences, based on dynamic connections and on a large range of touchpoints.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is the ad technology allowing to generate automatically personalized ads based on consumers data.

There are many ways to use this technology which goes beyond simple retargeting.
DCO is the perfect technology for prospecting campaigns.

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