Win For Life – Festivals

In the summertime, Win for Life is all about fun! So music lovers pretty much knew what to expect! After all, it’s become a tradition for the famous scratchcard brand to actively support many Belgian festivals. This ranges from sponsoring, to contests to win tickets and fun activities at its booth.

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More than
30% reach on target


This large-scale Experience Marketing campaign, on social media, set combined goals in terms of reach, traffic on the National Lottery’s website and engagement for 18-44 y.o.

Strategy & solution

The campaign was articulated around 2 phases
1. Warm up before the festivals seasons 28/05 – 15/06/18 One objective: maximize the reach on target.
2. Live and share the fun During the festivals: 15/06 – 31/08/18
For this second phase, we set up a flow in 6 steps
Reach campaign, contest campaign, content marketing redirecting to advertiser’s website, activation campaign, geo-targeted campaign on Instagram and Snapchat filters at 5 major festivals.



  • Average CPM below €3
  • Snapchat filters: 39% share rate
  • CTR Content marketing 40% above our benchmark or 4600 clicks

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