The UFO, by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a main sponsor of the Fifa World cup. To make all Belgium knows about this partnership, but more importantly about the one with the Red Devils, Coca-Cola has created a range of 15 cans, illustrating 15 players.

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More than
2 millions
Consumers brought in contact


The challenge was to find communication middles that could be used in a flexible way, preferably with a layer of innovation. And this is “where the UFO enters the stadium…”

Strategy & solution

A “UFO”, (for Unmissable Freight Object), is a bus turned into a symbolical object deeply associated with the brand, that is immediately recognizable.
The UFO by Coca-Cola was able to reach out to major but also secondary cities in whole Belgium, on both Highways and National ways to create awareness about the packs in store.
During the week-end, being close to supermarkets (when not being on their parking), it gave extra impact to sampling & selling activities organized by Demonstrate.
Last but not least, it was also authorized to be parked close to the Grand Place when the Red Devils returned from their great 2018 competition. Because of the big joy amongst people and the top visibility of the players on it, it has become the perfect background for a massive amount of selfies.


With an average of 35.000 vehicles / 50.000 consumers crossing the path of “The UFO by Coca-Cola”, more than 2 Mios consumers were brought in contact with the Coca-Cola brand during this campaign.

PR effects:

Coca-Cola received different articles in national newspapers such as “La DH”

Coca-Cola received extended press coverage in the advertising press

Coca-Cola was associated with the return of the Red Devils in Belgium, on Sunday, July 15th, 2018

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