The National Lottery – New Lotto

The erosion of Lotto sales seen over the past several years was shored up and new growth generated.

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Amma Awards 2018 – Silver for Best Creative Media Use


A new Lotto branding campaign was launched in September 2017.
The challenge was huge: Lotto had to be made relevant again for a generation for which the biggest Loterie Nationale brand no longer had any appeal: 25-44 -year-olds (with thirtysomethings as the primary target).

The creative concept began with the premise that chance is everywhere and that Lotto is its greatest representative. This led to a slogan: Lotto, because anything is possible.

Strategy & solution

A number of OOH networks were combined to create maximum momentum in the street: over 11,508 advertising billboards were posted simultaneously, using 630 different themes related to a person or a specific context.

Thirteen different radio spots were launched at the same time as the OOH campaign. Each one addressed consumers directly, co-opting them with cues taken from key moments of the day.

This hyper-contextualisation could obviously only be achieved and executed thanks to the outstanding cooperation between all of the parties involved.


A post-test revealed that the campaign benefited from significantly higher recognition among young people (+35%), and that it was more motivating for younger people than for older people (+40%).

During the campaign period, the stated intent to play of people 25-44 was even 2 times higher.

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