STIB – World Cup 2018

STIB ‘changed’ several names of subway stations in Brussels during the Football World Cup (July 2018). The ambition to become talk of the town without spending a single euro out-of-pocket in media investment was reached.

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STIB’s network is used for ‘Out of home’-advertisement since decades. So we thought: Why not use the subway stations themselves as a communication channel? Why not think outside of the box and use guerrilla marketing on our own products or media?

STIB and Initiative chose to strengthen the guerrilla marketing approach, using clever community management to engage with customers and make the campaign go viral both on- and offline.

Strategy & solution

Word of mouth
Changing the names of stations is a huge step in the customer experience for STIB travelers.
STIB challenged its followers on Social Media to come up with other changes. STIB committed to deliver on the responses. The call-to-action was relayed by the (international) press and on social media.
Challenge your peers and influencers
STIB and RATP (Paris Metro) challenged each other on social media, adding relevant content for their communities.


Market research shows that 81% of the inhabitants of Brussels on Nielsen III remembered this campaign. The campaign proved more effective than the 3 previous STIB campaigns having a media plan containing targeted TV and radio advertisement.

The campaign improved STIB’s image: 78% of Brussels inhabitants state that this campaign gives a positive image of the STIB and adds a dynamism.

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