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EuroMillions adopts a new image

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+38% new players vs forecast
+42% Activation rate


Created more than 12 years ago now, EuroMillions is a game of chance known for its ‘massive jackpots’ that needed a well-earned facelift.
The main objectives were to keep the share of regular players, while also gaining new ones and this was no easy task. Target group : 18-54 y.o.
Parallel to that, also had objectives to achieve:
1. Recruit 4800 new players.
2. Activate players while increasing the average amount played per week.
3. Create customer loyalty with the occasional players.

Strategy & solution

For this launch, we used a large range of touchpoints ( TV, Radio, OOH, social media, search, display …) to get a high reach.

Online, we activated our DMP, launched the previous year, in order to create out of the e-lotto database, 5 specific and actionnable target segments.

Thanks to the Dynamic Creative Optimization technology, every surfer received a personalized message based on the audience target group they belong to.

We also used 2 well-known influencers to promote the New EuroMillions: Pablo Andres and Achterklap.


Average number of players per week exceeded the forecast by 2,3%. A ROI of 2,67
The average spending rate per active player exceeded the target by 14,4%.

GOLD AMMA awards 2017 – Best use of perfomance marketing
BRONZE AMMA awards 2017 – Best use of social and content
GOLD Mixx Awards 2017 – Best perfomance campaign

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