New BMW 5 Series

Muscled results for a Business Athlete

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Strong engagement
CPC under €0,2
1,98% CTR


BMW G30 5 Series is the seventh generation of the model in an ultra-competitive industry, the German brand reinvented itself from a technology and communication perspective. Digital media (Impacting formats, video, social media) was put at the center of the media strategy to:
1. Communicate to the men 25-54 years old, what is the modern business saloon.
2. Reinforce its image.
3. BMW is a strong innovative brand with a strong mission statement: setting new standards.

Running under the slogan BUSINESS ATHLETE, the performances of the campaign and the car were in total adequacy.

Strategy & solution

1st wave: The Countdown : drive massive awareness and curiosity.
2nd wave: Discover : three pillars for one result: invite surfers to discover the new model and visit BMW’s website.
– Relevance
– Visibility
– Engagement
Social media played a crucial role in the success of the campaign and the storytelling.


Belgian G30 Launch Edition generated best results of the year, for the brand, on the following KPI’s:

  • Lowest CPC: > €0,2
  • Highest CTR: 1,98 %

G30 Canvas was the best Facebook Canvas ever. It generated the best performances for BMW and any other campaigns managed by Initiative à Best performance of the whole all year.

  • Highest Canvas View: 62 %
  • Longest Canvas View Duration: 45 Seconds

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