Red Friday

In a highly competitive retail world, MediaMarkt and Initiative created a new sales momentum: Red Friday. Just before the Summer Sales, this short campaign succeeded in skimming off the market without creating cannibalisation on the Sales campaign that followed.

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+103% revenues YoY


Surprise the competition with the launch of a new sales occasion, in order to gain sustainable market share. Create a summer edition of the Black Friday, called Red Friday. A unique MediaMarkt event

  1. Be top of mind
  2. Install a new retail sales moment via a funnel media strategy
  3. Grow online sales – ROAS & online revenue

Strategy & solution

Creation of a new sales momentum thanks to different channels splitted into 3 phases. Each of these phases has a specific objective and use a mix of media formats:

  • Teasing: idea was to create awareness around the event through Videos, Digital Radio & Search.
  • Reveal: the goal was to increase the visibility and the awareness around this new momentum
  • Performance: Create instant relevance by Optimizing Tech, Audiences and Formats but almost to maximize the results by trying to create the best collaboration possible between all the experts in order to serve the Red Friday campaign.


Thanks to this Red Friday campaign, there was no time for competition to align prices, which led to a lot of customer retention throughout the whole sales period, with a big gain in market share in June and July. • Effective reach: 1.475.000 persons on social media on FB ecosystem and 727.400 persons on Snapchat in a single day Almost 2 million persons reached with display formats (out of 11 MIO total Belgian population)

  • MediaMarkt website: +296% sessions YoY • Revenue & transactions: Revenue + 103% YoY in total and + 428% YoY in search ROAS of 27,5 Transactions + 91% YoY

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