MediaMarkt – Black Friday


Black Friday is a phenomenon which comes to us straight from the United States where the event is extremely popular. It’s becoming increasingly popular in Europe and in our country with consumers looking for great deals.

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3.388.760 Unique users
34% Overall completion rate


The digital media strategy has been built around 2 main challenges: maximize online revenue on the webshop & maintain MediaMarkt as the Top-Of-Mind brand when thinking about Black Friday in Belgium.
For this campaign, we targeted 16 to 45-year-olds with an interest in electronic devices in general and Black Friday in particular.

Strategy & solution

Brand awareness phase
During the first communication phase, we primarily bet on Rich Media, with very impactful formats (take-overs, billboards,…), and also Online Video.
Performance phase
To maximize the results during the second phase, it was essential that all of the digital teams work together to create a specific, common “Black Friday” target for search, programmatic and paid social which would go beyond socio-demographics.
Access to the MediaMarkt DMP also enabled us to implement six distinct and complementary tactics, for social networks, search and programmatic.
Once these audience segments were created, it was easy to add a layer of retargeting and use Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology to ensure that every visitor would receive a personalized message based on their activity on the brand’s webshop.


Our overall growth targets for online revenue were largely exceeded and reached +60% vs +30% expectation.

The number of webshop sessions also exceeded our expectations: +12% vs 2017.

Finally, webshop conversion rate increased of +27% vs 2017.

As a result, we recorded a very interesting ROAS of 16,97€.

The eCPM was kept below €4 -> 79% less than our estimate

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