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In order to seduce the 4 to 5 years old and their parents, Initiative partnered up the biggest kids TV station to integrate the LEGO SKY POLICE in the trailer of the reality program “neighborhoud Police”.

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+9% uplift 

on the

City range sales


1) create awareness (consideration) by making our New Builders aware of LEGO City Fire & Sky Police play experiences,

2) build brand engagement (learn) by demonstrating to our New Builder audience the power of working together to achieve great things and

3) develop product desire “drive to sales” by Using influential owned, paid and shared channels to show them why LEGO City vehicle play is the right choice for them.

Strategy & solution

Create a coalition of the winning for LEGO Junior, by developing a a cross-media partnership approach. We teamed up with VTM Kids, the biggest Flemish broadcaster in Belgium and boosted digital presence on key kids platforms.

Engagement & Desire are obtained thanks to the creative concept worked out by VTM Kids through tailored station ID’s & the brand activation in the form of a viewers’ contest.

Through a LEGO experience game on the site, viewers could win prizes. The main prize was a figurative role in the reality show “Buurtpolitie”, followed by many LEGO City Sky Police prizes. We also organized a “Buurtpolitie” weekend in the Beekse Bergen, where every family received a LEGO goodie bag.

On Superawesome we worked via a funnel from awareness to desire through targeting from broad to hyper targeting kids who are into police games and all that relates to this passion.

OLV on Youtube, Yoki & added awareness to the City campaign & had as objective to obtain our light TV viewer shopper.


We obtained and overperformed all media results & the LEGO confirmed the positive results on the City range sales.

LEGO gave us confidential sales numbers of LEGO May 2019. Here we see that the The City range in May 2019 is number 4 in the total LEGO range. In general, all LEGO ranges together performed negative in May 2019 vs May 2018 with -1%, but our City range had an uplift of +9% what helped the total decrease of all ranges.

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