When Imperial was relaunched in the first half of 2018, the emotional connection and relevance with millennial parents was restored through a content-lead strategy based on a simple consumer and cultural insight.

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Penetration rose by 11,4%


The challenge was to help rejuvenate the brand, restore the connection and make pudding relevant again with millennial and young gen x parents (especially moms), without losing touch with the older 50+ heavy buyers.
For strategic and budget reasons, the choice was made to only cover the Dutch speaking part of the country, as our research confirmed that the use of homemade pudding is far less familiar in the French speaking part.

Strategy & solution

The campaign kicked off with a burst momentum using two hero videos to maximize reach and awareness.
In order to broaden the reach on our main target audience we also ran the video storytelling in a shorter version on YouTube and we fueled the emotional dimension on social media (Facebook and Instagram).
We selected a number of social influencers with each their own story and approach, creating their own puddingpraatjes content, which they shared with their followers and which we promoted in our turn on Facebook and Instagram.


The campaign ran smoothly with 972.802 qualitative video views, on average 2’17” spent on the pages of the native articles and 6.561 engagements with our content on social media.

The main brand KPI which was set, was penetration. The objective was an uplift of +1% penetration, meaning an additional 48.000 households.

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