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EU Protects is a campaign that we launched out of Brussels in all 27 EU Member States aiming to inform citizens aged 35 to 55 of how the EU enables the cross-border collaboration of ‘ordinary heroes’ – firefighters, customs officials, conservationists and many others – in order to protect them, their families and their livelihoods.

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30Mo Video views


Despite the concern, little is known about the ways in which the EU is coordinating solutions to these challenges. In order to address this knowledge gap, EU Protects demonstrates the impact of the EU by featuring genuine, relatable testimonies from the ordinary heroes who are working together to keep Europe a safe, healthy and prosperous place to live.

The objective of the EU Protects campaign is to raise awareness of the ways in which the EU is fighting global challenges in order to protect its citizens.


Strategy & solution

Take the bull by the horns, by bringing an emotional audiovisual & digital message to 35-55-year-old people who belong to the middle or lower classes, that are rather ambivalent about the EU.

The first wave counted 8 themes with an online bannering & video launched on October 29th 2018 on YouTube, Facebook and online websites and web banners mostly targeted via programmatic.

Wave 2 covered 10 countries: from 15/01 to 29/01/19 with 6 themes among which anti-radicalization, rare disease, etc.

Wave 3 covered 9 countries: from 05/04 to 19/04/19 6 themes: maritime border, air pollution, etc.

Wave 4 covered 12 countries: from 03/07 to 18/07/19 9 themes: air safety, forest fires, etc.

Last but not least, the TV campaign started on November 4rth 2019. The TV commercial will present the world’s current challenges and will highlight how the EU’s helping to solve them.



We delivered over 30 Million video views on our low income/ low education 35-54y audience across Europe.

The average view duration almost doubled wave after wave, from 14 sec in the second wave to 22 sec in the fourth wave. This shows again that the audience is more and more engaged and that the cultural topic selection worked. as we saw with the theme “Forest Fire” in Italy and Spain, which enjoyed a stronger engagement from the users, with CPC that decreased from 4,91€ to 1,94€.

Last but not least Facebook proved to be the most cost-effective channels across all metrics, which from a media perspective is interesting but from a societal point of view is quite scary.

A new Facebook policy on political advertising had been set in place just before the EU election in May, to avoid foreign interference. Hence the fourth wave had to be postponed, as we could not advertise in all countries out of Initiative Brussels. Only after President Juncker asked Zuckerberg to whitelist the EU Facebook account, could we respect the “no-border” amendment of the EU legislation.

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