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+39% New accounts opening


After a 2017 record year, in terms of new accounts opening and online sales, the National Lottery wanted to achieve an additional +5% increase in new accounts and +28% sales in 2018… with a budget reduced by 14%.

Strategy & solution

The strategical approach was to synchronize awareness campaigns (on & offline, called “funnel aid”) with 2 ongoing pure performance/ROI layers (recruitment and activation).
Initiative Media used the Lottery’s DMP full potential to show the most relevant message to the highest value targets at the best moment, thanks to real time database and weekly segments update. Budgets were dynamically allocated to the most efficient creatives, and the most efficient channels / placements / audiences / formats, based on ROI KPIs but also taking viewability into account, as it proved to be a very influential parameter on Cost per account and Cost per sales. Creatives were adapted in close relationship with the advertiser and the creative agency.
Timing was also very precisely managed: emphasis on the day of the draw, when online buying has a real USP versus “in library” playing.


From January to August 2018

  • New accounts opening (recruitment): +39% vs a 5% objective (index 786), cost per lead -26%
  • Sales (activation): +47% vs 28% objective (index 169), cost per sale -39%
  • ROI : 16 in 2018 vs 10 in 2017 (sales / media budget, index 160)

with a -14% budget.

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