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In order to highlight its product superiority, i.e. unique minerality, 60 years of natural filtration,… Chaudfontaine has adopted an explicit reference to nature in its communication with« Merci la Nature » in 2017, moving to « Naturally surprising «  in 2018. This latter enhanced platform has allowed the brand to extend its footprint in communication following the Coca-Cola principle of 70/20/10, meaning 70% of proven media, 20% of new ways of using proven media and 10% of innovation. This case is situated between the 20 & 10, depending on how you want to see it.

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Interaction rate


The insight is that young people are disconnected with the nature that they claim to love : only 24% of them declare to be in contact with nature. In those circumstances, difficult to let them directly experience the nature inside Chaudfontaine…unless you bring this nature to them.
The idea was to let them feel and experience the intrinsic nature of Chaudfontaine in their natural environment, their city.

Strategy & solution

Thanks to a flexible use of OOH, we have brought the Chaudfontaine nature to 2 big cities of Belgium, Brussels and Gent (and in Chaudfontaine also), through a range of 6 posters, each one illustrating one element that has been active in the 60years filtration process of Chaudfontaine, each poster being located in an area where those elements are also present & visible in the city, a « giant » sign showing where they could be found back. But that would be a « dead end ». In order to get more out of each panel, we offer the possibility for each person connecting his/her smartphone to the panel, to get more info & a moment of escapism via a podcast. This « Chaudfontaine Exhibition » has been promoted in social media, reinforcing the multi-media approach.


Based on the new Cim study, the exhibition has been seen by +-65.000 of people, with an interaction rate of 0,35% all media combined.

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