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At the end of 2014, the “Les As du Placard/De Kastenkenners” brands disappeared and became Camber throughout the country. This was a radical name change to affirm positioning: very high-quality custom storage.

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Q4 YOY +22% in sales


There were three priorities:
1. Camber’s brand awareness. In 2017, it had been barely two years since Camber had replaced the “Les As du Placard/De Kastenkenners” names.
2. Showroom traffic. First step to conversion.
3. Lastly, the “talkability” of the brand was a very important factor in terms of the brand’s budget. If a customer is unhappy, they will tell at least six people around them. On the other hand, happy customers will tell at least 11 people they know.

Camber’s primary target group is people 35 and older from the higher social classes (1-2) who are interested in lifestyles and interior design. “Homers” are the second target (over 55).

For our part, we redefined the target as follows: People who want to redo their interior with high-quality storage furniture. Our strategic planning tool enabled us to further refine our definition of the target and isolate the most appropriate touchpoints to activate “desire/want” and “talk about”.

Strategy & solution

Putting things away is more than an obligation: it’s a technique, an art, a life philosophy, a challenge for our well-being in general.
Organising your home organises your mind as well.

To meet the objectives above, we selected relevant touchpoints by type of objective. They also had to meet a local or national marketing need as well.

Given the objectives and the budget, we made a daring bet:
• We focused on local marketing until September to support the showrooms and the five promotional moments (expl after Batibouw – push on the timing below). The media selected were the local press (Steps, Proximag, Rondom and De Zondag) and the radio.
Six months before Batibouw, we bet on TV to support the brand awareness goal, replacing printed and display media (media strategy until 2016), but with a relevant format that worked off screen. This media was an obvious choice both for its power and its demonstration capabilities.
However, we had to get creative! We entered into a collaboration with Spoutnik (a production house) to create five two-minute capsules. Each illustrated a specific need. The brand dared to try marketing with a personal touch, where the product took the supporting role.
The five capsules were broadcast on SBS and RTL in September and October. They were also broadcast on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
For amplification on social networks, we turned to influencers like bloggers Sarah Nelissen (Haaikie) and Eric Goens.

• Be invisible during Batibouw, but communicate after that time when the sector is no longer overwhelmed by advertising.


To measure the effectiveness of the new media strategy, our research department carried out a post-test which showed (Q4 YOY):

+ 15.1 points for aided awareness 

         +6% in the south

         +35.5% in the north

+ 3.5 points for spontaneous awareness 

+3.1 points for consideration

Q4 2017 business results:

  • Average of 12 estimates a day vs an objective of 7 (+71.4%)
  • Q4 YOY +47% increase in requests for estimates via the website
  • Q4 YOY +22% in sales

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