Smartphone users had the opportunity to experience the first ever BMW X2, anywhere and even
before market launch – thanks to BMW and Snapchat and its Augmented Trial Lens which enriches
reality with digital content, which had never been done before.

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6/10 People recognize the campaign


Through Snapchat, BMW is expanding its marketing activities through an innovative and playful medium that is especially popular with creative, tech-savvy individuals. As the newest member of the BMW X family, the BMW appeals to the young and young-at-heart, extroverted and active customers who value individuality and lifestyle. Innovative apps like Snapchat are an integral part of their digital world.

Strategy & solution

The strategical approach was to synchronize awareness campaigns with a strong traffic and engagement layer.
“Be the one who dares” campaign used a wide range of digital communications channels to reach BMW fans, in line with the brand’s new focus on a more youthful “Sheer Driving Pleasure”. It included classical display programmatic (e.g. New OPPA), audio (e.g. Spotify, RMB), video (e.g.Teads), and social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder and Snapchat).
Snapchat is revealed itself as a great platform to turn the world into a showroom with the power of augmented reality. From snap ads, users could swipe to unlock the lens.



Snapchat was clearly THE key element of this launch. More than 1 million people reached and more than 40.000 swipe up to unlock the AR experience were generated. Users spent an average of 53 seconds exploring the new BMW X2 which is massive versus an average time of 15 seconds (Source Snapchat).

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