We are all using online banking more and more, however Belfius is not perceived by its clients as the best player. The awareness for the Belfius app was very low.

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18,5% lift in ad recall


Position Belfius as the leader in digital banking in order to enhance client’ satisfaction and recruit new users.
Target group: 18-64 y.o. and social group 1-4 / 18-34 social group 1-4 phase 3

Strategy & solution

Strategy in 2 steps:
1. Reach: a key focus on volume and traffic.
2. Embed: a massive boost of Belfius presence on the target group(s), specially on mobile phones.

Solution deployed in 3 phases:
1. Create awareness and position Belfius broadly as the leader in digital banking.
2. Generate traffic on the website.
3. Focus on the digital natives to increase the number of downloads of the app:
– Desktop: with online videos and a message of activation in order to generate traffic on the Belfius landing page. Invitations for the natives to download the app.
– Mobile: generate downloads by using digital native channels with an “app install”  format with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Programmatic network.
– Search: search campaign to support the app downloads

Overall, this campaign used:
– Social networks for their socio-demo targeting and interest based capabilities.
– Programmatic inventories mainly for their contextual possibilities (finance, travel, news).
– Platform targeting with a large set of impacting and classical formats.


Significant increase of the app downloads, especially via search 3,13%.
Conversion rate 276% higher than forecasted.
E-CPC 134% lower thann estimated. 
Award: Silver Mixx Awards Belgium 2016 – Best media strategy

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