Agency Takes Standards and Performance to New Levels 

Reprise, the full-service global performance media marketing unit of IPG Mediabrands shake up the industry with the introduction of the largest and most significant product – Digital Experience Audit (DXA).

DXA enables Reprise to stand apart from competitors by offering unrivalled standardization, governance and transparency of agency practices. This helps to set the foundation that ensures best-in-class practices for planning and executing client campaigns, which impacts overall efficiencies and client returns. In the digital industry, DXA will provide the competitive edge, as well as build consistency at scale, which will prove a differentiator for Reprise.

“DXA is a significant milestone for Reprise. It reinforces Reprise’s credentials as a dynamic digital leader driven by innovation and success,” said Sven Bally, Chief Digital Officer Reprise.

DXA not only benefits clients by providing standardization and competitive insights, but it takes the auditing process to an entirely new level and measures overall performance, as well as progress. Clients will be able to see each step in the lifecycle of a campaign and get a full picture view of the momentum and overall success.

“The heart of DXA is an auditing platform that looks at specific digital channels including paid search and social, organic search, and mobile”, said Benjamin Bonnet, Head of Search Reprise.  “DXA was designed so that over the course of an audit the progress of a campaign can be monitored to pinpoint areas of concern early on, allowing the agency to make changes quickly and efficiently. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to gauging the overall success of a campaign. As DXA continues to evolve, additional audit channels will be added to make the product even stronger.”

For more information on this, or any other product or solution offerings from Reprise, please visit or email Benjamin Bonnet at  

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