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The National Lottery knew they needed to renew the fundamentals of their star product Lotto if they wanted to stay relevant towards their existing and future (younger) players. The campaign was orientated on the claim: “with New Lotto, you’re 2 times as likely to win”.

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+19,8% purchase online


The challenge was double:
1/ communicate these changes without losing existing players
2/ deliver the main message in a creative way in order to attract new players
Following a workshop with Facebook, two consumer insights emerged:
1/ People’s attention span on social keeps on decreasing
2/ Digital content is consumed differently, based on where you are

Strategy & solution

Translated to our content & media strategy, we realized we needed to flip the classic campaign content funnel by creating a first interest with short videos top of funnel, followed by longer formats once the interest was created.
Top of funnel (awareness):
In this first phase, the goal was to generate a maximum of reach towards the target group to inform them about the New Lotto.
Lower in the funnel (consideration):
In the second phase, we used more immersive & interactive formats to drive consideration


  • On-the-Go: 2.9 MIO unique users reached
  • Lean-forward & backward: Avg. CPC 16% lower vs yearly benchmark
  • Convert interest: Cost-per-Lead 14% lower vs yearly benchmark

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