Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) announced yesterday the formation of Kinesso, a new company focused on creating applications that help marketers amplify the impact of traditional and addressable media through the better use of data. Kinesso will do so by creating new software and products that deliver data trust and security tools, data-driven campaign optimization, and precision audiences. Kinesso will be comprised of Cadreon, IPG’s addressable media activation experts, and the company’s Data and Technology group. Kinesso will work
in close partnership with IPG Mediabrands, Acxiom, and provide services to agencies across the IPG network.

“With the acquisition of Acxiom, we signaled our intent to lean into data-driven marketing, as well as position ourselves as brands’ trusted partner in their first party data management,” said Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of Interpublic Group. “Kinesso furthers this vision by bringing together top data and technology talent with addressable media experts, and leveraging Acxiom’s assets and capabilities.” Designed for flexibility and speed, Kinesso improves the accuracy, agility and effectiveness of campaign performance across all media. In a time where clients want greater impact from their marketing spend, Kinesso’s Marketing Intelligence Engine offers a connected suite of applications that improves consumer engagement. It is implemented with our patent-pending proprietary technology, the best machine learning approaches and the power of Acxiom data and that of other leading data providers. Kinesso’s offerings also include critical consultative services, and omnichannel addressable media activation to ensure campaigns are executed in the most efficient and effective manner.

“Clients recognize that the future of marketing – along with pretty much everything else – is dependent on data. That means marketers are looking to leverage their own first party data, coupled with other strategic data sets, to create a more seamless and connected consumer experiences, at scale,” said Philippe Krakowsky, COO, IPG, and Chairman, IPG Mediabrands. “Kinesso allows marketers to cut through the noise in the ad tech and martech worlds, delivering clear messages to the right people regardless of channel. Combined with the capabilities of our media companies, along with our creative and marketing services agencies, Kinesso will enable our clients to drive better outcomes through marketing that is faster, more efficient and
informed by a conscious commitment to data ethics. ”

Kinesso will uphold world-class privacy standards utilizing Acxiom’s privacy-bydesign methodology. A key principle of Kinesso is how it sources, handles and secures consumer data, backed by Acxiom’s legacy as one of the industry’s most trusted data stewards.

In addition to his role as Chief Data and Technology Officer at IPG, Arun Kumar becomes CEO of Kinesso, while also maintaining oversight of the Acxiom business. Kinesso will operate as an independent business unit, and will benefit from close alignment with Mediabrands and Acxiom, which will serve as the unified data layer Kinesso builds upon. Cadreon, and its leadership team, will maintain its independence and branding and become part of Kinesso.

Kinesso is now operational in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. Once fully deployed in 2020, Kinesso will offer a global footprint of 1,400 employees across 70+ markets.

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